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Price List
Cupcakes with your choice of batter & icing 

 6 Decorated       $12.00
12 Decorated      $24.00
24 Decorated      $28.00
                                        48 Decorated      $52.00                                      
                                        12 Babycakes    $12.00
                                        24 Babycakes    $22.00
                                        Xtra Large        $10.00
                                        Jumbo                $24.00
Standard Batter Choices: Wedding White, Yellow, French Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble, Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Spice and White Almond.
Standard Icing Choices: Buttercreme, French Vanilla, Chocolate Buttercreme and Cream Cheese.
Special Order Icing: Coconut Pecan, Mocha Creme, Hazlenut Creme, Pink Champagne and Rum Glaze.
Special Order Flavors: Oreo, Milkyway, Snickers, and Butterfinger! Red Velvet, Banana, Banana Nut, Carrot, German Chocolate and Rum.
Infused: Patron, Peach Ciroc, Pennicle, Pink Moscato and more to come.
Large cookie cakes   $12.99
Large cookies  $1.50  your choice
6 for $5.50  your choice
12 mini  $8.00  your choice
12 Mini $8.00 your choice
2 for $5.00 
Specialty Item:
Brownie Pizzas - 9in. $15.00  and 12in. $20.00
Candy & brownie pizza - topped with m&m's, mini marshmallows, and chopped nuts drizzled with chocolate.
Black forest brownie pizza- topped with cream cheese and cherry pie filling
drizzled in chocolate.
Rocky road brownie pizza- topped with mini marshmallows, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, and drizzled with caramel.
Peanut butter brownie pizza- topped with cream cheese, peanut butter, chopped reese's cups, and chopped nuts drizzled in chocolate.
Cakes with your choice of batter & icing form above
8in. decorated any style  $12.50 (serves 10)
10in. decorated any style $18.00 (serves15 )
1/4 sheet decorated any style $22.00 (serves 18-24)
1/2 sheet decorated any style $28.00 (serves 30)
Full sheet decorated any style $55.00 (serves 60)
(Piped around the edges are standard, writing/lettering  on cake upto 30 characters (extra writing/lettering is $ a letter). 5% extra for filling instead of icing between the layers. 10% extra for cakes covered in fondant instead of icing. 30% extra for tiered cakes, also delivery fees for cakes & cupcakes will apply)
Tiered, Bride & Groom Cakes
Please call for consultation.
Specialty Cakes                                     
Bundt Rum or Brandy your choice of nuts ($3.50 per slice) Whole $28.00
Classic pound tube or loaf ($2.00 per         slice) Whole $20.00
Chocolate pound tube or loaf ($2.20 per slice) Whole $22.50
Pies, Pudding and Cobbler
Sweet potato pie $12.00
Pecan pie $16.00
Banana pudding starting at $12.00 (3 sizes) Sm. $12.00 Med. $18.00 Lg. $26.00
peach cobbler starting at $14.00 (3 sizes)  Sm. $14.00 Med. $20.00 Lg. $28.00          
Kids Novelty and Characater Cakes
Please call for pricing, prices vary according to individual cake features. Over 40 characaters available.
 Cookie and Brownie Trays
Sm. 9in. serves 18-24, 2.5 doz. cookies, your choice $22.00
Med.12in. serves 30-45, 5 doz. cookies, your choice $35.00
Lg. 16in. serves 50-75, 8 doz. cookies, your choice $ 45.00
Sm. 9in. serves 18-24, 2.5 doz. brownies your choice $ 14.50
Med. 12in. serves 30-45, 5 doz. brownies your choice $25.50
Lg. 16in. serves 50-78 doz. brownies your choice 
Chocolate covered pretzels rods any occasion 2/$2.50 or multiples of 12 for $30.00
Chocolate covered strawberries, 1/2 doz. berries $12.00, 9 berries $19.00, one doz. berries $25.00 and 24 berries $50.00
Chocolate covered cherries one doz. $16.99
Chocolate covered apples one doz. green granny smith $25.00
Chocolate covered banana bites one doz. $30.00
Chocolate covered oreos one doz. $25.99
Have your guest talking about your next event with one of our dessert bars!
We offer cupcake bars, candy bars, brownie bars, cookie bars, and popcorn bars .
Return/Exchange/ Refund Policies
Special orders are final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged.
Regular orders can be returned within 7 days of receipt in their original packaging and may be given a store credit. Sorry, we cannot refund shipping .
Returns lost in return shipping will not be refunded or credited.We do not give refunds.